5 outdoor sports that are considered to burn calories

5 outdoor sports that are considered to burn calories

5 outdoor sports that are considered to burn calories

When the good weather starts, it’s time to get out of the four walls of the gym and alternate staying in the gym with sports in the open air, in such a way that both can complement each other and thus achieve a perfect workout.

5 outdoor sports that are considered to “burn calories”

Practicing sports outdoors can be a joy for many and, in addition, it can be very useful if your goal is to lose weight since many sports are considered to “burn calories”.


Being a runner is becoming fashionable and, with the multiple benefits that this sport presents and how affordable it is for many, it is difficult to resist it. Going for a run regularly brings many benefits to your body, one of the most renowned being weight loss. Think that with approximately 30 minutes of running you will lose around 460 calories (always depending on your physical condition) and that this number increases if you do it on irregular terrains, such as on the beach. Be careful, yes, if you opt for this sport you have to gradually alternate running stages and others walking at a good pace, in such a way that your body adapts to this exercise.

Jump rope

This exercise can be practiced both outdoors and indoors since to do it you only need the rope and a wide space in which to jump. Jumping rope is a sport in which there is a great physical demand since when jumping the whole body is also mobilized to be able to perform the jump correctly. The caloric expenditure of this sport is very similar to going for a run, since 30 minutes of jumping rope can mean a loss of 340 kilocalories, but can you last 30 minutes jumping non-stop?
HIIT cardio. HIIT is a high-intensity sport that, today, is one of the sports that most helps burn fat. It is characterized by training for short periods but with very high intensity. In addition, it helps to improve resistance. Can you ask for more?


Cycling is a perfect sport if you want to lose weight and build muscle mass at the same time. When riding a bike, the glutes are worked as well as the quadriceps, so the force exerted on them helps to develop muscle mass. As for weight loss, half an hour riding a bike could help you lose 330 kilocalories (depending on your weight). Finally, it is worth mentioning that in this sport the risk of injury is lower and that the resistance to practice is also lower, thus being able to do longer training sessions without suffering so much wear and tear. If you opt for cycling, our advice is that you also do weight-bearing activities to develop your upper body.

The swimming

Swimming is one of the most complete exercises that exist. It may be the most relaxing sport on our list and the one that exerts the least impact on your joints; but it is not without its benefits. In swimming you work practically your entire body, hence it is a very complete exercise. But not only your body benefits from its practice, but the cardiovascular and respiratory systems also benefit from its regular practice. Our advice is that if you are not sure that your technique is perfect, put yourself in the hands of a professional since poorly executed swimming can be counterproductive for people with back injuries. Regarding the loss of kilocalories, it is estimated that one-hour swimming can be equivalent to 800 kilocalories.

Team sports

Sports in good company can also be a good option to burn the fat you need. Soccer, basketball, tennis, handball… are some examples of team sports that you can join. These types of sports are characterized by the effort that is made in them more intensely than in other sports. A 30-minute game can burn 270 kilocalories, yes, always depending on the desire you put into the game…
We recommend that if you want to lose weight you combine one of these exercises with weight training in the gym, so you will lose weight gradually and, in addition, you will define your body thanks to weight training. And, of course, you follow a healthy diet that provides you with everything you need to be able to correctly support all the physical activity that is being carried out.

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5 outdoor sports that are considered to burn calories