Causes of yellowing of teeth and methods of treatment

Causes of yellowing of teeth and methods of treatment

Yellowing of the teeth is one of the disturbing symptoms that may affect all people, given its many causes, and the teeth and their external appearance are among the most important criteria that people are keen to pay attention to, in addition to the great importance that teeth play in the human body, they have a great place From an aesthetic point of view, people are keen to beautify their teeth and protect them from all impurities that disturb their attractive external appearance, including the problem of yellowing of the teeth. This yellowing and get rid of it.

Causes of yellowing of teeth

Many reasons lead to yellowing of the teeth, which causes great embarrassment and inconvenience to people, and among these known causes we find:


Smoking is known to be one of the most important causes that lead to yellowing of the teeth, as smoking leaves yellow spots on the outer layer of the teeth, which turns their color from the natural color to yellow.


Genetic genes are known as one of the most common causes of yellowing of the teeth, as the transmission of genetic genes for yellowing of the teeth is very possible, and therefore the genetic factor can play a major role in this symptom.

Thinning of tooth enamel:

Where the thinning and erosion of the tooth enamel can cause noticeable changes in the color of the teeth, which makes them tend to yellow, due to the exposure of the dentin and its transformation into yellow, which is what makes the teeth yellow in color.

Poor oral hygiene:

It is noted that people who do not clean their mouth properly are exposed to yellowing of the teeth, as the accumulation of plaque layers on the teeth leads to the appearance of an unusual yellow color.

Take some medications:

Some medications prescribed by doctors lead to yellowing and changes in the color of the teeth, such as tetracycline and other antibiotics prescribed to pregnant women during the second half of pregnancy, as well as to children under eight.

Fluoride poisoning:

Fluoride is known for its great benefits for the teeth, but its frequent use leads to a condition called fluoride poisoning, which is the poisoning that causes yellowing of the teeth.

Have some drinks:

Some drinks are known to cause yellowing of the teeth, including coffee, tea, red wine, blueberries… and others.


It is often noticed that the older a person gets, the more his teeth tend to yellow, due to the thinning of the tooth enamel layer, which leads to yellowing.

Dry mouth:

Chronic dryness in the mouth or lack of saliva enzyme secretion leads to a change in the color of the teeth and their appearance in a yellow color, due to the effects of dehydration on the oral environment and then a change in the condition of the teeth.

Ways to treat yellowing of the teeth

Due to the multiplicity of causes leading to the yellowing of teeth, many people suffer from this annoying condition, which can be treated through the following methods:

  • Cleaning the mouth daily, and making sure to use effective supplies in this, to obtain good results, prevent the emergence of many annoying symptoms, including yellowing of the teeth.
  • Visit the dentist regularly, and make sure to treat any defect in it, paying attention to the need to clean the teeth regularly by specialists, to ensure deep cleaning of them.
  • Be careful to use absorbent tubes, especially when drinking sugary drinks, coffee, etc., to reduce the friction time of these drinks on the teeth, which reduces the appearance of yellowing them.
  • Rinsing the mouth after eating meals, as the inability to brush the teeth while outside may cause yellowing of the teeth, and therefore it is recommended to rinse the mouth with clear water repeatedly.
  • Stay away as much as possible from the causes that lead to yellowing of the teeth, such as smoking … and other reasons that cause severe damage to the body.

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