Egg white recipes for bodybuilders

Egg white recipes for bodybuilders

Egg white recipes for bodybuilders

Everyone knows that if you want to gain muscle you must include protein in your diet. Faced with this issue there is much controversy since there are many doubts about how much protein is necessary for those who want to dedicate themselves to bodybuilding and, therefore, develop and grow their muscles to the maximum.

According to studies, it is concluded that the ideal daily intake for those people who want to hypertrophy is between 1.3 and 1.8 grams of protein per kilo of weight spread over 3 or 4 meals a day. Faced with the conviction that the more protein the faster the muscle will be created, science says that this is not the case since, according to this same study, the intake of more than 2 grams of protein per kilo per day does not mean a greater increase in the muscle mass, what’s more, ingesting this can cause long-term problems of overloads.

Once clarified what the average recommended intake for bodybuilders who want to gain muscle, it is time to ask yourself, how can I get to consume that amount of protein? Well, thanks to the egg whites.

Egg whites, an ally for bodybuilders

Egg whites are a must in diets for bodybuilders since they have a high protein value and, best of all, they are a food with 0% fat. Such is its contribution to the diets of bodybuilders that it is not surprising to see ready-to-cook egg whites in supermarkets, although, if you prefer, you can separate the whites from the yolks in the traditional way.

As much as it may surprise you, egg whites have endless possibilities in the kitchen and, for you to see, today we bring you a series of recipes with this star ingredient.

white omelet

We will start with one of the most classic, the white omelet. This recipe is easy to make and will surely get you out of more than one jam. You only need 1 glass of egg whites, 1 drop of oil, and salt to taste. Move the egg whites as if you were making an omelet. Once stirred, add the egg whites to a frying pan in which, previously, you will have added a drop of oil. Add salt to taste while it is curdling and….voila! Healthy omelet for dinner. Our advice: add a can of natural tuna to get a dish with more flavor.

Egg white pancakes with oats

Grind the oats and mix them with the egg whites and stir everything. Once you get a paste, you have to put a thin layer on the already hot pan and wait for the mixture to have a more toasted color. Easy, right?

Broccoli with egg white

On the one hand, you have to boil the broccoli for 15 minutes (or fail until it softens). On the other hand, do the same with two eggs and, once they are ready, peel them and cut them into small cubes, yes, just keep the cooked white. Once you have everything, fry the broccoli in a pan with a little oil, then add the egg cubes and stir everything together for a minute. To lick your fingers!

Instant flan with egg whites

If you crave something sweet and quick to make, take note. Dissolves approximately 20 gr. of egg white in milk and add two tablespoons of cocoa powder. You put it all together in the microwave and…. We already have a quick and very tasty flan!

These are just a few ideas on how you can use egg white in your diet. And you, how do you use it? Leave us your recipes in the comments!

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Egg white recipes for bodybuilders