Protein-rich summer salads

Protein-rich summer salads

Protein-rich summer salads

When the heat is on, you start to feel like eating something light to help us cope with the high temperatures, and could there be a more appropriate dish for this weather than salads?

Salads are an ideal meal for summer

For lunch or dinner, salads are a good option no matter where you look. They are easy to prepare, they go very well, they are very healthy (as long as we take care of the ingredients we put in) and, best of all, they admit a wide variety of combinations to be able to adapt to the tastes of each one. Can you ask for anything more? The truth is that yes, and it is that they are rich in protein

If you also want salads to help you provide the amount of daily protein that your body needs, take note of the following ideas that we give you below:

Whole wheat pasta salad with turkey.

This dish is perfect since, on the one hand, the pasta gives us energy and, on the other, the turkey provides us with the amount of protein we need. The idea is not to overuse the paste. To prepare it, all you have to do is cook the pasta al dente and, while this is happening, cook the turkey with very little oil to taste, season with salt and pepper and cut it into strips. Once you have everything, you mix it and you can either add tomato, feta cheese, olives, and Greek yogurt (it gives it a very good point of flavor) or, well, you can opt for a 0.0% mg sauce to give it the flavor you want. Both options are delicious!

Quinoa salad, chickpeas, tomato, and cucumber.

Due to its ingredients, this salad is perfect for summer, as it is very refreshing. As you well know, it is important to eat legumes to have a healthy and balanced diet and thanks to this salad we will be complying with this premise. To make it you will have to follow the following steps: mix the already rinsed chickpeas with the quinoa, a little oil, salt, and vinegar. Once you have everything mixed, it is time to add the rest of the ingredients to taste: cucumber, tomato, and a little lettuce.

Lentil and cabbage salad.

Lentils are one of the most complete legumes that exist: they provide protein, fiber, vitamins, and other important nutrients and, in addition, they are easier to digest. I’m sure you’re thinking, lentils in a salad? Yes, you have to break the mold and use your imagination to create succulent and healthy dishes and that is why we are going to tell you how to make a lentil and cabbage salad. The first thing to do is cook the lentils in boiling water for 10-15 minutes. In parallel, you can fry the cabbage with a little oil until it obtains a more vivid green color. Once you have everything you have to mix it and add the rest of the ingredients (for example, onion, chopped parsley, salt, pepper, and oil). To enjoy!

Multicolored salmon salad.

How about we add a little fish to our salad? In this salad, we are going to use salmon as the main ingredient. The first thing you have to do is cut the salmon into cubes of similar size and gradually grill it. While it is cooking, we can chop up the vegetables: cut the cucumber, tomato, and onion into very small dice, and cut the lettuce into julienne strips. Once you have reached the point where you like the salmon, we will remove it from the grill and let it cool. For the presentation, the ideal is to make a bed with the vegetables that we have cut and, on top, add the pieces of salmon. A tip, for the dressing, uses a few drops of lemon and a little oil. Irresistible!

Rice salad.

The last recipe that we bring you today is the most complete and, best of all, you can even take it in a Tupperware to eat on the beach or by the pool without endangering your diet. Prepared? Go for it. The first thing is to cook the rice. At this point, our advice is to use basmati-type rice since the rice will be looser later. While you are doing it you can also cook the eggs. While they are cooking, you can cut the rest of the ingredients: black olives, prawns, cherry tomatoes, and pineapple… we suggest these but you can add others. When you have the rice you must pass it through cold water and start assembling the salad. Add the rice and, to it, you add the ingredients that you have been cutting into small pieces, and the egg. You can grate the yolk and use it to decorate. Finally, you can add pieces of tuna as well and dress the salad to taste.
These are 5 options that we propose to add protein to your salad this summer, what types of protein salads can you think of? Tell us!

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