The importance of eating breakfast in the morning for the health

The importance of eating breakfast in the morning for the health

The importance of eating breakfast in the morning for the health

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, which makes it of great importance to the body, as nutritionists advise that close attention be paid to the ingredients of breakfast because of their great importance to human health, and this is thanks to the body’s need for the nutrients provided by breakfast after a long night of sleep. And fasting from eating, what are the results of giving up breakfast?

The importance of breakfast

Providing the body with energy

Breakfast provides the body with the energy that enables it to carry out its various activities. As it is the first meal after waking up from sleep, it makes it a necessary meal as the body needs the nutrients that give it the necessary activity to carry out its mental and physical duties.

Promote digestive health

Breakfast promotes the health of the digestive system, as experiments have shown that people who eat breakfast enjoy good health and a sound digestion process more than others, as a healthy breakfast protects against exposure to the risk of constipation, which requires a good selection of breakfast ingredients and Makes sure to include different types of healthy foods, such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts… and others.

Maintain a healthy diet program

People who are keen to eat breakfast daily are distinguished by the fact that they can program themselves to follow a healthy diet with limited meals on the one hand, and is full of various nutrients on the other hand. Eating breakfast programs the body for a specific time to eat, which reduces the risk of various diseases.

Protection from the risk of obesity

Eating breakfast is one of the most important factors that maintaining weight, as giving up this important meal leads to eating other additional meals in the day, and also enhances the feeling of hunger, which leads to eating large amounts of food during the day, which increases the risk of Obesity and overweight.

Maintaining blood sugar level

As many studies have shown that eating breakfast promotes maintaining blood sugar levels throughout the day, which leads to a reduction in diabetes, and it also protects against a sharp drop in sugar, which may affect mood and cause anxiety and depression.

Protection from heart disease

A healthy breakfast works to enhance the protection of the body from heart disease, as the right choice of foods that benefit the heart and enhance its health, as choosing the right time to eat these meals increases their effectiveness, so eating heart-friendly meals during breakfast increases the body’s ability to benefit from these the benefits.

Improve the ability to perform mental operations

Eating breakfast helps to provide the brain with nutrients and energy necessary for its activity, as morning breakfast provides the body with its needs of sugars such as glucose, which helps to improve the performance of the brain for its various functions, and neglecting this necessary meal leads to low levels of perception and lack of concentration and stands as an obstacle In front of the completion of his work to the fullest.

Consequences of skipping breakfast

Many people abandon the daily breakfast and underestimate its great ability to provide the body with the necessary nutrients that give it the ability to carry out its daily functions. The abandonment of this meal is considered a major cause of a lack of body activity, difficulty in concentrating, and a feeling of fatigue, and among the negative consequences of not eating breakfast:

  • Reducing the body’s metabolism process, due to its anxiety and fear of not providing it with the necessary nutrients, weakens the body on the one hand and leads to the accumulation of fats and not benefiting from them, which leads to obesity and overweight.
  • Decreased performance at work and school: Eating breakfast regularly helps to enhance the ability to pay attention, focus, and performance
  • Weakened immune system: Skipping a meal can weaken the immune system, making the body more susceptible to various types of infections.
  • Digestion problems: Slow digestion and constipation are consequences of skipping breakfast.
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The importance of eating breakfast in the morning for the health