Tips to avoid gaining weight on your vacation

Tips to avoid gaining weight on your vacation

Tips to avoid gaining weight on your vacation

Relaxation, the heat, not following a training routine, and the desire to enjoy more than anything else, can lead us to pick up a few kilos on vacation. And although we know that vacations are a “luxury”, they are not so much for our diet. So here we bring you some tips to avoid gaining weight on your summer vacation.

How to avoid gaining weight on vacation?

If you follow a healthy diet and have an exercise routine, continue with it, otherwise, summer can be a turning point to change your habits and lead a healthier life all year round. Think, especially when it’s time to go back to work after an idyllic vacation. Hard, right? Well, it will be even worse if you come back with a few extra kilos. Therefore, here are our tips to avoid gaining weight this summer.

Good eating habits

We know that on vacation it is a bit difficult to follow the healthy habits established during the rest of the year, but you must be aware that it is possible to eat healthily anywhere. And we have this easier in summer with the wide variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits that exist.

Practice exercise

This point is essential, not to avoid gaining weight but to lead a completely healthy life. A walk for 30 minutes a day is enough, in addition, it can be the perfect excuse to see the most beautiful lights of the day, sunrise or sunset. If, on the other hand, you exercise throughout the year, and continue with your routine without altering it, surely you can do it very similarly on the beach or in the mountains 😉

Control sleep schedules

Obviously, in summer we change our schedules, but it is advisable to follow an order as far as sleep is concerned, to avoid gaining weight. We must always try to go to bed at the same time so that sleep cycles are not altered and we have hormonal imbalances, which will make us accumulate more stress and gain weight more easily.

Drink water

Avoid as much as possible soft drinks, beers, etc. There are many calories that we obtain through these drinks. Therefore, hydrate yourself with water throughout the day. This does not mean that you cannot drink anything else during the rest of the day, you can enjoy a beer or your favorite soft drink, but without excesses, try to make it at most one or two a day.

As you can see, you can spend a perfect vacation with a few tips that will help you avoid gaining weight on vacation. And finally, we give you our last piece of advice, enjoy, rest, and move! You are ready?

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Tips to avoid gaining weight on your vacation