Top foods to recover well-being after Christmas

Top foods to recover well-being after Christmas

Top foods to recover well-being after Christmas

Christmas is over and it’s time to get back to normal after all the excesses that these dates entail.

Copious meals were rich in fats and sugars, alcohol…. Stomach upset, heartburn, etc…

Our goal now is to purify, eliminate toxins, and liquids, and reduce that feeling of heaviness and swelling.

Tod@s we propose to start the year with new resolutions (go on a diet, exercise, quit smoking, etc…) so we are going to give you a list of foods that will help you feel better, as long as we do it together with a healthy, balanced diet and accompanied by physical exercise.


Top foods to recover well-being after Christmas.


Pineapple is a great cleansing and diuretic food that helps eliminate toxins that our body accumulates through urine. It helps us avoid constipation thanks to its high fiber content.

It contains bromelain, a proteolytic enzyme, which helps digest the proteins in food.

It is very important to consume it naturally and whole since it gives us all its properties and we will avoid the sugar that it contains in syrup.

– Apples

The apple is one of the foods with the most healing properties, with a great anti-inflammatory action of the digestive system and with great purifying power thanks to the contribution of soluble fiber that provides an absorbent action, so that the body manages to eliminate toxins more easily.

The apple is crowned as the queen of fruits. It is a very versatile fruit and ideal to take between meals or as a snack.

It is very important to eat it with the skin and to be able to be organic since it is where it has many beneficial properties and vitamins.


They have a great wealth of minerals that make them one of the best cleansers for the body. Asparagus is high in potassium and low in sodium. It has enormous benefits on the activity of the liver and kidneys.

It is composed of a large amount of water, among the components that exert this diuretic function are asparagine and arginine, two very abundant amino acids in this plant.


The artichoke has diuretic and purifying qualities, helping to eliminate fluids from the body, thanks to the fiber content it helps us control our appetite and regulate intestinal transit.

Its great digestive properties make it ideal for treating diseases such as uric acid, rheumatism, and gallbladder stone problems.

We can take it cooked, roasted, or grilled.


Escarole contains fiber, 94% water, is low in calories, and is digestive and diuretic.

It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Its leaves are characterized by containing inhibin, a compound responsible for its bitter taste, and digestive benefits by stimulating the secretion of gastric juices and bile.


Fish are one of the best sources of high-biological value protein.

The caloric content of fish is relatively low between 70-100 Kcal per 100 grams in lean or white fish and 120-200 Kcal per 100 grams in fatty or blue ones.

Fish has little fibrous protein, and due to its low collagen content, it is an easily digestible food.

-Green Tea

Green tea is diuretic, which helps to eliminate toxins and purify the entire gastrointestinal and urinary system.

It is rich in isoflavones and catechins, which are ideal for preventing cell aging, both in our organs and in our skin.

It is very rich in stimulating components, which will help us stay more active during the day.

Rich in polyphenols. Very important for health and digestion

Below I recommend some supplements that I think can be very effective for weight loss

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Top foods to recover well-being after Christmas