Which is better green apple or red apple?

Which is better green apple or red apple?

Which is better green apple or red apple?

Apples are one of the fruits known worldwide for their great benefits to the body. Despite the difference in the type and color of apples, as well as their size, specialists recommend eating apples in general in every health system, thanks to their components being considered essential nutrients for the health of the body, but many people are confused. About knowing which types of apples are more healthy and beneficial to the body, and therefore a famous question is being circulated: Which is better for the body? Green apple or red apple?

The difference between a green apple and a red apple

Studies and scientific research confirmed the existence of different differences between the components of green apples and red apples, and it should be noted that each of these two types of apples contains many secondary types that fall under it, as apples are known as fruits that have more than a hundred commercial types. Known, which creates this well-known diversity in ingredients and contents, and to find out the difference between green and red apples, we study the difference in nutritional value between every 100 grams of green Granny Smith apples, and 100 grams of red apples Red delicious.

Every 100 grams of a green apple contains 85.46 milliliters of water, 0.44 grams of protein, 0.19 grams of carbohydrates, 2.8 grams of fiber, and 9.59 grams of sugar. Green apples also contain significant proportions of minerals necessary for the body. It contains 120 milligrams of potassium and 5 milligrams of calcium, in addition to its contents of various vitamins, such as 100 international units of vitamin A and 0.18 milligrams of vitamin E.

As for the amount of 100 grams of red apples, they contain 85.3 milliliters of water, 0.27 grams of protein, 0.2 grams of fat, 14.1 grams of carbohydrates, 2.3 grams of fiber, and 10.5 grams of sugars. It contains 104 milligrams of potassium, 6 milligrams of calcium, plus 55 international units of vitamin A, and 0.24 milligrams of vitamin E.

It should be noted that this amount of green apples provide the body with about 58 calories, while the same amount of red apples provides a similar percentage of 59 calories.

Benefits of red apple

Red apples are known for their great benefits to the body, which qualifies them to be one of the most recommended plant foods to be eaten by specialists, to provide the body with the nutrients it contains that are beneficial to the body, and among great benefits we find:

  • Cleansing the body of toxins and impurities, which are often the reason behind the emergence of various diseases that affect the body.
  • Enhancing the health of the immune system and strengthening it to deal with various types of infections and health problems that may affect the body.
  • Reducing harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, and ridding the body of all its negative effects on it.
  • Treatment of mouth, gums, and teeth problems, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Reducing stomach and digestive problems, and eliminating acidity that causes disturbing symptoms to the body.
  • Protecting bones from osteoporosis and thinning, thanks to the fact that it contains significant amounts of calcium and various elements that protect bones and increase their density.
  • Improving the health of the lungs, and enhancing their resistance to diseases.
  • Getting rid of chemicals that can enter the body by taking certain medications, including cortisone medications.
  • Expelling gases and contributing to the elimination of flatulence.
  • Improves joint health and promotes their health, thanks to the fact that it contains pectin.
  • Moisturizing the skin by maintaining the percentage of water in the body.
  • Getting rid of dark circles and areas around the eyes.
  • Enhancing the freshness of the skin and contributing to the uniformity of its color and reducing blemishes.
  • Teeth whitening and maintaining the health of the tooth enamel layer.

Benefits of green apple

The green apple is one of the most famous types of fruits that are frequently talked about for its great benefits to the body, and among its well-known benefits we find:

  • Reducing the risk of obesity, and helping to lose weight, thanks to its properties that enhance the feeling of satiety, in addition to containing significant proportions of dietary fiber known for its effective role in reducing excess weight.
  • Improving the health of pregnant women, and promoting the proper growth of the child, thanks to its work on reducing the risk of asthma for children in their early stages of life and improving the health of important bones and joints during pregnancy, in addition to reducing the risk of anemia in mothers, and it also works to improve the work of The digestive system, and it works to control the levels of sugar, blood pressure, and heartbeat in pregnant women, in addition to its work to enhance the immunity of the mother and the fetus, and to protect it from diseases and various health problems, thanks to its work to get rid of free radicals that cause various diseases.
  • Enhancing the health of the immune system, by working to fight free radicals and disease-causing radicals, and reduces the risk of chronic and serious diseases.
  • Protecting the body from respiratory diseases, green apples are known as one of the foods recommended by asthma patients, thanks to their properties that reduce allergic reactions, and studies have shown that eating one green apple per day contributes to alleviating the symptoms of this disease.
  • Improving skin health, thanks to its work on regenerating skin cells, and getting rid of dead cells, by containing significant proportions of antioxidant elements, in addition to its work on delaying the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and other symptoms of premature aging, as apples are known. Green works by stimulating the production of collagen, which is necessary for skin health, in addition to its effective role in preventing acne and various skin diseases.
  • Promoting hair health and strengthening it from the roots, by improving the health of the scalp, which reduces the causes that lead to hair loss and damage.
  • Enhancing brain health and cognitive abilities, and fighting Alzheimer’s and brain loss diseases Memory, thanks to the fact that it contains significant proportions of nutrients.

Which is better for health? Green apple or red apple?

Most studies and scientific articles indicate that green apples are superior to red apples in terms of their great benefits to the body, and that is why they are considered among the best types of apples ever, which explains the sincere keenness to advise people to eat green apples periodically to have a healthy and fit body. And free from diseases, but this does not deny the fact that the great benefits of red apples and other types of apples are on the body.

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