Why is Quick Weight Loss Unhealthy 2023

Why is Quick Weight Loss Unhealthy 2023

Why is Quick Weight Loss Unhealthy 2023

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, mainly because around 40% of women in addition to 24% of men are dieting (on a diet) at any given time (as published in the “Annals of Internal Medicine”). The objective for the vast majority of people who are on either fat diets or well-established ones is to lose weight fast, which is one reason why this has become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Unfortunately, this industry has also been built on misinformation, and often information that is unsubstantiated. However, what many men and women both within and outside America do not know is that losing weight fast can actually be counterproductive if not dangerous regardless of what various weight loss products may advertise. Low-calorie diets and diets that restrict certain natural foods often always have long and short-term health risks.

Quick weight loss methods

In addition to special diets many people often opt for diet pills. Diet pills like the infamous fen-phen diet pill tend to be dangerous and in the case of this particular pill, it was fatal.

However, after fen-phen was recalled many people realized that diet pills were and still continue to be dangerous but even then there are many people who turn to these pills in hopes of getting a quick fix minus any hard work. Many may also try fad diets which limit people to eating just a handful of foods which later results in mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

Another very common thing people do is to skip meals or suddenly switch to a very low-calorie yet unhealthy diet. The Weight Control Information Network states that people who are on a low-calorie diet i.e. eating lower than 800 calories each day are at extreme risk of various health problems which includes heart rhythm issues.

Physical changes

Around 5% of people who diet (almost any diet program) tend to gain back the weight they lost. The biggest physical change that makes quick weight loss not only unhealthy but also counterproductive is the loss of lean muscle mass in addition to unwanted fat.

When you lose muscle mass you are in fact hindering your body’s ability to burn calories when at rest, so the result is that your body (once you’re back on your normal diet) will replace that muscle mass with fat. This is why some experts point to this type of rapid weight loss as being harmful since it slows down your metabolism making future weight gain quicker.

It is also one of the biggest factors behind so-called yo-yo dieting. Also, quick weight loss puts people at a greater risk of heart issues as well as blood pressure and diabetes.

Warning by the Weight-control Information Network

The Weight Control Information Network states that even if rapid weight loss is a result of strict dieting and regular exercise it is still a health risk. People who lose more than 3 lbs. a week are at the most risk, not to mention various nutrient deficiencies which cause numerous health conditions since losing weight quickly on a balanced diet takes time.

Popular weight loss Misconceptions

The majority of people know little about losing weight which is why they get drawn into numerous unhealthy, risky yet quick weight loss diets, programs, and medicines. Most people only manage to lose weight within the first few days or weeks of the program after which their progress stops.

However, because the diet is so unhealthy and ridden with numerous side effects the weight loss diet is hard to sustain. And as soon as people are off the diet the weight comes right back on. The best way to lose weight despite what people want to believe is a slow and sustained effort. Making small yet healthy changes to your diet is the best way to lose weight as well as keep it off.

Healthy weight loss goals

Weight loss is one thing where it pays not to aim too high because too much weight loss within a given period of time is dangerous. An average person should aim for around 1 to 2 lbs. of weight loss a week.

The weight loss program should mainly consist of reduced caloric intake usually around 2000 calories; the majority of calories should come from healthy foods like grains, vegetables, and fruit. People are also encouraged to exercise regularly combining both strength exercises and aerobic exercises.

People who are suffering from a chronic condition need to first consult with their doctor prior to going on any sort of diet. As a rule of thumb regardless of what condition your health may be in it is always a good idea not to opt for weight loss medicines herbal or otherwise owing to their numerous side effects and also the fact that they are never field tested.

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